Small Object Multiples

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I drew the same object — a small metal bell — 20 times through different prompts. Then I composed them all into a collage trying to create “interestingness” and flow between the individual pieces.

Originally, I laid out the images “right side up” as a collage. This was in the beginning of my art journey. Professor Leger came by and started asking, how do they flow together? Maybe one edge can bleed into another? Maybe some pieces can be rotated, flipped, or cropped? The composition is also a form of the art, and that blew my mind.

This project made me think real critically about “floating objects”, where the subject of a piece is kind of just frame by its canvas. Instead, it can be a part of the canvas if you blow it up and then you can play around with implied lines going off into different spaces.

You can take a piece with an original intention to do one thing, and then move it for another purpose. If you keep doing this, you’ll often be surprised by what you see.

Try to find which ones are my favorite prompts:

  • Draw your object in two strokes
  • Draw the purpose/function of your object
  • Draw your object, but blurry
  • Draw your object as shapes
  • Draw your object with dots
  • Draw your object cut in half


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