Designing with Lines

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For Art125A at CCSF, our first project was to make four designs in growing complexity. The first is to only use straight vertical or horizontal lines. The second uses only angled lines. The third is to use curved lines, either organic or geometric. Finally, the fourth combines all the different line types.

With these constraints, we needed to create unity with interestingness. We achieve this through repetition with variation.

The biggest insight I gained from this introductory project was that the black lines create white shapes. Placing my black shapes close together creates white lines. This is fundamental to my drawing class, where we draw in the dark shadows to create white shapes.

The other thing is to think of lines as leading the eye towards a direction. For my second project, I almost fell into a trap where all my lines were leading top right and bottom left. To break this, I created counter movement in the bottom left pointing in different directions. In my final project, I used my lines to lead the eye around, allowing viewers to follow them to different parts of the composition through unexpected movement.



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