Underground Door Lever Puzzle

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I started playing‘s open alpha. In the starting map, there’s a ladder into a basement to a puzzle room where the reward is a pick axe for mining and a hatchet for logging. Probably also good as weapons but I’m unsure what the damage boost would be.

It’s kind of a tough puzzle so I wrote down which levers flip which doors and ran through the scenarios in my head. The first 3 steps are obvious because you don’t really have a choice in order to reach another lever.

WARNING! Everything below is a spoiler to solving the puzzle. I found it extremely rewarding to figure it out, but I found writing down the puzzle on a sheet of paper to be way easier. I left it here to maybe inspire people to think about the puzzle. Especially with the limited 30 minute game play, it’s helpful to log in as a guest to just click around and figure out how the puzzle works first. Then approach the puzzle on paper (offline). That way you save your precious in-game time.

The obvious choices: Flip both E and D to access the top left room. No other combination will give you access to another switch. There’s only switch A now so flip it. This gives you access to the top rooms only.

Our first choice is whether to flip B, C, or both. B opens the final room door but closes access to other switches. Flipping both gives you access to no new switches. So the only option left is to only flip C but that also gives us no new switches. Turns out we need to flip A in conjunction! So our options is Flip (B, C, or both) then A. Flipping only B locks us in the top right, so no. Flipping both B and C does the same. So the only option left is flipping only C, then running back to flip A.

That leaves us with doors 1, 6, and 3 open and 2, 4, 5 closed. Flipping E lets us go to the top right.

In the top right, flipping C does nothing for us except lock us in the room. Flipping B, on the other hand, opens the reward room. All we need to do is go back and swap doors 6 and 7 again to access the final room!

Happy mining!



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