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I like this game! It’s like Old School Runescape. I’m excited to see how far this game goes. I discovered it on HackerNews and have played it for a few days now. Here’s my guide on the game, and all the notes I took to understand mechanics and stuff.

Talk to the guy in front of the strawberry bush. He’ll give you 5 coins and a quest which lets you move from the tutorial island.

Solve the lever door puzzle to get a pick-axe and hatchet. It’s a good coin farm early on when you have low combat. You can repeat to sell the items for 2 coins, which lets you buy a knife (5g) and hammer (3g) from the smithy/general store. It takes about 1-1.5 minutes to speed run this puzzle. So you can get about 20 rounds in giving 80 coins in one 30 minute session. Coins are kind of useless early on though. At most you’ll need like 10-20 coins for buckets or knife or sword. It’s not worth it later on cause you can just kill crabs or goblins for 1-3 gold each.

Using any of the tools in combat will only allow you to level up accuracy, not strength or defense. For example, killing a chicken with any tool gives 3 XP to accuracy. Slapping a chicken gives you 1 XP to strength, accuracy, and defense. Later on, if you equip a shield with your weapon, you level up evenly across the skills.

You can un-equip a weapon by clicking on your character holding the weapon.

If you do one action (like cook chicken or steak), it’ll repeat automatically until you’re out of items. Kind of nice.

Most efficient to farm chicken (over cows) for HP and XP.

  • Chicken (lvl 1) heals 2 HP but takes 3 HP and gives 3 XP and sometimes gives egg 1HP or feather or raw chicken
  • Cow (lvl 3) heals 2 HP but takes 8 HP and gives 6XP and gives cow hide
  • Crab (lvl 3) drops 1-3 coins, 3 HP, 3 XP
  • Goblin (lvl 4) drops 1-3 gold, 5 HP, 3 XP
  • Goblin King (lvl 8) drops head, 11 HP 12 XP
  • Wolf (lvl 15) drops nothing, 10 HP, 12 XP
  • Hog (lvl 7) drops hog meat and hog hide (for hog gloves), ? HP, 6 XP

For food:

  • Pine Nuts heals 1 HP (log pine trees)
  • Milk heals 1 HP (bucket + cow)
  • Strawberries heal 1 HP (strawberry bush)
  • Chicken heals 2 HP
  • Steak heals 2 HP (cow -> raw steak + fire)
  • Shrimp heals 2 HP, XP? (fish to the left of the example person, not to the right)
  • Bread heals 3 HP, 3 XP (thresh wheat, add water from well, make a dozen doughs at once and then bake them in a row)
  • Hog meat heals 3 HP, 2 XP

Gloves are equipped, doesn’t seem to affect anything… but is needed for smithing.

Gloves are made of thread (from processed flax on the left side of the map) + cow hide (from killing cows) + knife. I think you really only need to do it once cause gloves don’t seem that important. Knife can be bought from the smithy or you can make it from mining copper ore (needs a pick-axe, try the lever puzzle or buy it).

Your HP does not heal when you are reset (next day, etc) so you gotta cook at some point or just use berries, milk, or pine nuts for +1 HP.

Flax forms seeds + thread. Thread is braided into string. String is braided into rope. While thread and string stack, rope does not. Each rope takes a new inventory slot. Keep with string until you need rope. Drop it because it’s only used to make a bow. Once you get a bow, you’re done. Levels up crafting?

Gardening seems pretty straightforward but not really worth it. Add milk and water to each stage. Seed -> Weed -> Germ -> Harvest. My harvest had ~8 grains. Probably worth it for flax, maybe not for wheat. Are harvests consistent. Kind of. One fertilizer is ~7. Two is ~11, Three is ~16. It helps to have three or four buckets to avoid having to go to cows constantly. Water is fine, but cows is annoying. You cannot plant pine nuts. Only wheat and flax. It’s impossibly hard to do two plots at once because you only get like 30 seconds to harvest and if you fertilize, then by the time you fully harvest one bed, the other one disappears.

Archery is end-game material IMO. You need medium combat for chickens, cooking for heals, mining for arrow heads, logging for arrow shafts and bow. Bows are made from poplar trees (lvl 5 forestry needed). Just get one log, and add it to a knife to craft an unstrung bow. Flax makes thread that’s braided into string/rope. Add string to unstrung bow and you get a real bow. Arrows are made from arrow shafts (pine log + knife -> wood handle + knife again -> 5x arrow shafts). Chickens make feathers. Copper smelt into arrow heads. Bows are two-handed so no shield.

Level Thresholds:

  • 1 – 0 XP + 15
  • 2 – 15 XP + 17
  • 3 – 32 XP + 19
  • 4 – 51 XP + 22
  • 5 – 73 XP + 22
  • 6 – 99 XP + 26
  • 7 – 129 XP + 30
  • 8 – 163 XP + 40
  • 9 – 203 XP +46
  • 10 – 249 XP +53
  • 11 – 302 XP +61
  • 12 – 363 XP
  • 13 – 433
  • 14 – 514
  • 15
  • 16 – 715
  • 17 – 839
  • 18 – 982

Fidelity is the prayer spell stuff (defense, heal me). I should just use those passives. You pray at the alter above the smithy. You gain an XP every 6 seconds, so ~300 XP in one 30 minute sesson or LVL 10.. Alternatively, you get 3 XP per gold you give to beggar. 10 XP per loaf of bread.


Later in the game you gotta:

  • kill 5 goblins to get a sword via the knight
  • kill the goblin king to get the sail
  • kill the wolf to get a necklace (from the knight)
  • build a boat
  • Jester gives a simple quest. Use an item on him to receive 10 coins. “Riddle me this! I rise without wings. From fiery breath and simple things. Though some may call me the staff of life, I hold the power to spark endless strife. What am I?”

Quite easy at combat level 14 and geared up (gotta know smithing, can’t be bought).

I finished!

I spent exactly 3 hours playing the game and I’ve finished building the boat at this point, which wraps up the “ten hours of interesting gameplay”. I kind of sped-run through some materials though. The lever puzzle I did offline by writing things down. I experimented with some alt characters to explore the world a bit more. Likely I spent a total of 4-5 hours. I’ll still probably spend another 3 hours leveling up my other stats though just for fun.

If you see Mark the Idealistic in game, say hi!

End Game

Level up archery. Very slow… tree and metal is okay to get, but feathers is really slow. 1 feather per arrow. I can mostly kill a chicken with a sword/shield, and then arrows to finish it to get archery XP. All XP goes to the final strike so if I finish with Archery, I get 3 archery XP per chicken. I fish and cook when I’m low on HP and chickens, but I find chickens to be pretty self-sustaining. I also find that without attacking with a sword, I can’t get feathers fast enough. You get one feather per 3 chickens roughly and it can take like 5 arrows to kill one chicken, so you bleed arrows (and copper) which are time consuming to get. Thus, it’s totally worth farming XP with sword+shield until low HP and then finishing with archery.

Leveling up my auxiliary skills like fishing, logging, gardening, crafting, mining is very straightforward. Logging, crafting, and mining is used for making arrows / archery. I can do fishing for food or gardening for wheat for bread for food. Gardening is kind of round-about though so I prefer fishing. I’ll probably use gardening to make bread to farm wolf for combat.

  • What is rope for?
  • What are bolts for?
  • Can I open the chest above smithy?

Future Feedback?

Combat stats feel unintuitive, same with equip. How does it affect actual combat?

Fidelity is confusing. The skills are confusing. Couldn’t figure out where the alter was because it just looked like a table.

Jul 12 2024 Update

The crab and goblin drop table have been updated! They drop gear now. Copper knives and med helmets.

New area! Zinc rocks! Takes 1 copper ore + 1 zinc ore to make brass. Its in goblin territory so rush in and grab it. Helps to have armor, high defense, and the defense prayer. They spawn on top of the rock so you can’t mine much without getting hurt. Shrug.

Maybe there’s a new fishing spot? Not that I can find… yet.

  1. Solve puzzle for huge copper ignot Done!
  2. Replace kite shield i lost from dying 🙁 Done!
  3. Figure out how to optimally get zinc ingots for smithing (1 – small, 2 – medium, 3 – large, 4 – huge) so 4 copper ore + 4 zinc ore = 1 huge brass ingot.
  4. What happens when I run out of time during combat? It stops and I log back in in the same precious state. Could be bad if I was low HP,
  5. Max out gear (including archery)
  6. archery store and hogs
  7. Is there more fishing or crafting (boots)? I don’t think so.
  8. Apparently you can craft a long bow with three logs and a string, not sure how though…

They added a fishing spot and fishing rods by the boat. This is WAY faster than farming wheat and making bread, or killing chicken. I think the optimal way to farm zinc for brass is to use prayer to defend/heal, rush in while eating cooked sardines and fill up half your inventory with zinc. Then leave while eating the rest of your sardines and fill up the other half with copper. Load up and you’re done! This was super hard with chicken cause your HP gains are slow. Fidelity heals very slowly too.



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