Cloudflare encounters unknown error 520 when my host changed my IP address

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So today, I got an email from Google saying they are unable to index my pages because of 5XX errors.

An email from Google’s Search Console says: “New reasons preventing your page from being indexed. Server error (5xx).”

When I visit my blog, it looks bad.

Web server is returning an unknown error. Error code 520

My initial guess is that maybe my server is down, so I check out cpanel to see resources and server logs. Both are really low or empty. This suggests I’m not actually getting any requests from Cloudflare!

After contacting both Cloudflare and my hosting provider GreenGeeks for help, I figured out that the server’s IP address had changed recently and is leading to these problems.

Updating my DNS records no Cloudflare to point to the new IP address fixed the immediate issue. I asked if it’d be possible to have my DNS records updated automatically if the IP address changed in the future and they said no. I’m thinking this is a “pro” feature and I’m just gonna move on with my life.

To catch this in the future, I’m keeping detailed records of my changes (like which IP address I’m using) and subscribing to UptimeRobot so I can be notified. Check out my new status page (also at the top of my website)!



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