The Best Tofu – A Review

Here’s a list of tofus that I’ve tried in the US — mostly west coast California.

I generally cook my tofu in two ways: boiled in salt water or crispy fried with corn starch. Both tend to make really good results if the tofu is silky. The surprising thing is many tofus that look crumbly when raw turn gelatinous when boiled, making for almost a custard or pudding texture that I love!

When I review the tofus, it’s with the above cooking styles. No promises on other styles. I personally don’t eat raw tofu, it’s kind of weird to me. I also don’t eat big chunks of tofu.

House Tofu – No

I don’t like it. It’s extremely crumbly and firm.

Mitsuwa Brand – Yes

This one boiled into a delicious smooth silky jello.

Fong Kee Tofu Co. – Yes, but not firm

I tried the firm version and it was just very firm. Not a big fan, but kind of acceptable. I ate it and it was decent but I think most people would not like it. It’s so dense! I pan-fried it using the “spider” method.

On Nov 1 2023, I tried the soft version and it’s amazingly delicious, grassy, and tender. I highly recommend it.

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