The Best Tofu – A Review

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Here’s a list of tofus that I’ve tried in the US — mostly west coast California.

I generally cook my tofu in two ways: boiled in salt water or crispy fried with corn starch. Both tend to make really good results if the tofu is silky. The surprising thing is many tofus that look crumbly when raw turn gelatinous when boiled, making for almost a custard or pudding texture that I love!

When I review the tofus, it’s with the above cooking styles. No promises on other styles. I personally don’t eat raw tofu, it’s kind of weird to me. I also don’t eat big chunks of tofu.

🚫 House Tofu – No

I don’t like it. It’s extremely crumbly and firm.

👍🏽 Mitsuwa Brand – Yes

This one boiled into a delicious smooth silky jello.

🚫 Fong Kee Tofu Co. Firm is mid

I tried the firm version and it was just very firm. Not a big fan, but kind of acceptable. I ate it and it was decent but I think most people would not like it. It’s so dense! I pan-fried it using the “spider” method.

👍🏽 Fong Kee Tofu Co. Soft is amazing, very good

On Nov 1 2023, I tried the soft version and it’s amazingly delicious, grassy, and tender. I highly recommend it.

🚫 K town Soft Tofu — Mid

Surprisingly firm, it’s okay, but not great. Not what I expect out of soft tofu.

👍🏽 Golden Gate Tofu Soft – Hella good

Soft, jello, pudding but still firm enough to cut. Amazing in soup with a slight grassy taste. 10/10

👍🏽 Jay one Soft Tofu – decent but a little firm

Slightly “chunky” with Swiss cheese texture but I don’t notice it when eating, just visuals. Not as soft as I like but definitely on the soft end. It’s in between a soft-medium in my opinion. It’s easy to cut without falling apart. Flavor while raw is pretty neutral. I think it’s a decent tofu.

👍🏽 Hodo Marinated Tofu – Firm but delicious, good for stir fry or salad

👍🏽 Hodo Miso Tofu – yes! But Make it saltier and is a medium-firm

Not very salty, tastes kind of like miso. Much smoother consistency than the braised five spice one. I like this!

👍🏽 Azumaya Silken is pretty good for soups and pudding

I got the Silken on Feb 29 2024 and it’s very smooth, I like it! No extra liquid, just tofu

👍🏽 House Foods Soft Tofu — Good

Jenny’s mom highly recommends it, available in many places but Costco is cheapest in 4 pack.

Her mom cooked it in mushroom, fish tofu, and tofu soup. W cabbage.

👍🏽 Hodo Extra Firm Tofu Plain — Good for firm, low flavor

Very firm. Needs to be marinated. Slice thin or else it’s too chewy. Pretty good with just salt, better with miso. Overnight. Put into spring rolls or fry independently.

👍🏽 Wo Chong Tofu Soft — Very good

Feb 26 2024 cooked in a Mexican / Grey Squash base with scallions and chicken broth. Very smooth. When raw, tastes like soy milk and has a slight drying sensation.

May 12 2024 Good again, we’re making in tomato mushroom tofu soup. Very soft and slight tofu flavor. Slightly gritty when raw, but turns gelatinous when cooked.

👍🏽 Nasoya Organic Tofu Extra Firm – Crumbly but okay. Wet and more like a medium-firm

Very crumbly, has cracks. Isn’t hard to cut or eat. Actually tastes decent. Has a slightly grainy texture but flavor is good. It’s. just very crumbly. Is more like a medium than an extra firm. Very wet.

👍🏽 Hodo Yuba Sheets / Noodles — YESSSSS

Either separate first or cook for a bit with liquid to separate.

🚫 Raw Nature Natures Tofu Made with Nigari Soft — Pretty mid, more like medium

More like a medium firm. Has a good crumb. Very smooth none the less. More for salads and stir fries than soups but okay none the less. Apr 14, 2024

Cooked in soup this time and it really is lacking in flavor. Apr 22, 2024.

👍🏽 AFC Organic Tofu Soft – Hella good

From MOM (Manila Oriental Market) for $1.99 on Apr 30, 2024. Super soft! Delicious flavor. I feel like I don’t need to cook it in salt water at all, but we’ll see… we’re cooking it in mapo tofu.

👍🏽 Nijiya Organic Tofu きぬごし Soft Hella good

most soy milk taste ever. Very smooth. Very consistent, like pudding.

June 22 2024 – made miso soup and it was good!



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