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I’ve been self-taught in piano and ukulele for several years now and have hit a wall. To overcome this, I started piano lessons with an instructor. Now I want to start playing with other people. I deeply value human connection and I want music to be a conduit for that goal.

My First Post

I’m embarrassed to say but my first attempt was reaching out to craigslist. I did a terrible half-assed job at it because my goal was actually to test how Craigslist emails work with my partner during our apartment hunt.

Looking for someone to gig with (Haight Ashbury)

I’m interested in playing in a group. I practice keyboard and ukulele and would consider myself beginner-intermediate.

That’s it! I didn’t even post to the right community (artists vs musicians). I actually got two reach-outs and that encouraged me to actually put together a real inquiry.

Refining The Post

From the first reach-out, I realized I should probably include more information. I want to be explicit that I’m open to busking or jamming. I also wanted to emphasize that I’m growth oriented.

One thing I like to do is search for my post after I submit it. If I were looking for someone to play, how would I find them? What keywords should I use? What do other people use? gig? jam? Record? keyboard vs piano vs keys?

Beginner-intermediate keyboard and ukulele looking for a group (Haight Ashbury)

Hello! My name is Mark and I’m looking for a group or band interested in taking on a beginner-intermediate keyboardist (who also plays ukulele).

In terms of skills, I know how to read sheet (slowly) and have a pretty basic understanding of some music theory. I have a strong orientation towards growth so I’m very happy to learn and pick up anything I need to. I already take piano lessons.

I’m looking for a group that wants an extra set of hands and is willing to both be patient and communicative. In the near future, I plan to start taking group choir lessons too. I personally find it rewarding to play with other people but have only done so a handful of times and have moved since then. I imagine jam sessions but I’m even open to other stuff (busking? performances?)

I primarily practice keyboard against classical music but have a distant goal of playing jazz improvisation.

In my personal time, I listen to a bit of everything but here’s a quick sample of stuff stuck in my head:

Jazz from an anime that featured Moanin’ by Art Blakey

Latin – Ella Baila Sola by Elsabon Armado

Now that that’s all posted up, let’s see how the responses go! If you’re interested in jamming, reach out on https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/muc/d/san-francisco-beginner-intermediate/7635296671.html.



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