Problems with the new Money Network card for EDD Unemployment Insurance in California

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California just rolled out their new Money Network pre-paid debit card. Deposits after Feb 14th will be issued to that card. I received mine on Feb 13th, but ran into a few issues.

There’s an EDD specific website

There’s a weirdly branded website that’s the first result on Google, but when I try to log in, it just refreshes the page over and over again. Turns out this is the WRONG website!

The EDD specific website is

This is confusing because you use the general Money Market app, not an EDD specific one, so why is there an EDD specific website and phone number?

Deposit notifications don’t work

I even tried to set up notifications of deposits into my account but never got an email after my Unemployment Insurance deposit. Support says the first deposit might not notify, but it should work on later deposits.

The phone number in the app doesn’t work for my card

In the app, they say to call 1 (888) 913-0900 for support.

However, when I call it and give my card number, it’s not supported. Same thing for if I enter my social security number and date of birth.

“We are unable to process your request.”

Instead, call 1 (800) 684-7051 which is the specific number for EDD, listed on the back of the card. Warning, the support is pretty mid and disappointing.

Unable to transfer to my bank account

When I try to initiate a transfer to my personal bank account, I usually pick the smallest amount I can find to make sure I got the account number and routing number right first.

When I tried with $1, which was listed as the minimum, I got “Invalid Withdrawl Amount”.

It’s unclear from the app, but on the website, it specifically says: “ACH TRANSFERS REQUIRE A $25 MINIMUM TRANSFER.

Transfer Rejected

After 3 days of waiting, my transfer was rejected? I’m retrying because a few people mentioned on Reddit that their transaction was also rejected. If this comtinues, I’m gonna contact support again.

MONEY NETWORK BATCH REJE – Money Network rejected my transfer to my personal bank account.

Automatic transfers can only be setup through the website and is janky

With the old Bank of America card, you could set it up to automatically transfer the card balance whenever there’s a deposit. This was super convenient because I’d just use my normal bank’s debit card for all my purchases and have my Unemployment Insurance transferred there instead.

With the Money Network App, they don’t have an option to automatically transfer. You HAVE to use the website. From Dashboard > Transfers > Schedule Transfers.

The flow is weird though and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to accept. I think you just need to enter random values for deposit amount (then check the entire balance box) and the end date (then check the never end box).



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