San Francisco Farmers Market Reviews

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We go to a lot of farmers markets in SF, and many of them are run by different organizations and have different vendors so I’m making this list to track all the places I like and dislike, even their individual products.

BunBao is kind of bad. It’s relatively expensive and not really worth it.

Dumpling King at Divisadero looks promising. I remember liking their veggie siu mai (sticky rice) but didn’t take notes.

Xiao Xiao jenny likes enough to Instagram.

Outer Sunset Farmers Market

Divisadero Farmers Market

Civic Center Farmers Market

Honey Guy is hella weird. Would not recommend

Beet chips are amazing, dips are pretty darn good.

Mexican produce guy is good, $2 bags are amazing. Highly recommend.

Asian lady in the back has really good produce

Oranges from the guys in the back are really good.

Fish guy is nice, fish is good but I don’t like cooking fish too much

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Yerena Farms – Strawberries are not very good. Kind of early in the season (Apr 28, 2024) but I was unhappy and they tasted a bit like weed.

Far West Fungi – Very generous and kind

Apple Cider – Very generous and kind. Apples taste amazingly sweet and ciders are fun!

Rojo’s Oranges – (Picked up on Apr 27 2024) cheap was Pretty good! The expensive was so mid though. So bland and watery.

Mission Community Market

info ladies are so nice!

Brokaw Ranch

  • Very mediocre oranges, sample them! Discount for cosmetically challenged. Got the golden nugget mandarins on May 3 One was very sour and hard to pre. Other was very sweet and easy. Most are hard. Jenny says worst FM Purchase ever.
  • Cherimoya was very bland and seedy

Avila Farms has good $2 and $1 produce bags. Broccoli, carrots, etc.

Hummus Heaven has good herb pita chips, lemon is too oily still.

not sure about the other hummus place



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