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  • Still Life of Gudetama Mug with Charcoal

    Still Life of Gudetama Mug with Charcoal

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    This is a short homework assignment for Art130A with Elizabeth Leger. We are supposed to draw 3 round objects using charcoal. I chose a Gudetama mug, a soup spoon, and a weirdly shaped soup bowl for serving. I honestly would have never imagined I could draw something so fun and real before this class, yet…

  • Charcoal Values Practice

    Charcoal Values Practice

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    This was a simple homework assignment to get us used to using charcoal to make different values. It was surprisingly hard to get the light values — even a little bit of charcoal goes a long way. The feedback I received was to try going for deeper darker values. I found with practice, especially once…

  • Blind Contour of my Fridge

    Blind Contour of my Fridge

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    Blind Contour is drawing without looking at your paper. In my case, we only used a single continuous line and drew the contents of our fridge. To save energy, I snapped a picture and worked with the reference in stead of leaving my fridge door open, but in general it’s preferred to practice with real…

  • Small Object Multiples

    Small Object Multiples

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    I drew the same object — a small metal bell — 20 times through different prompts. Then I composed them all into a collage trying to create “interestingness” and flow between the individual pieces. Originally, I laid out the images “right side up” as a collage. This was in the beginning of my art journey.…

  • Make Lots Of Marks

    Make Lots Of Marks

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    Tasked to make marks using custom tools (rubber band, etc) to draw concepts like the smell of cut grass or the taste of bitter.