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  • Voices of Art – CCSF Art 130A Final Project

    Voices of Art – CCSF Art 130A Final Project

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    From The Artist “Where are you from?” Whenever I travel, I get this question. I’m from San Francisco! Simple, right? “But where are your parents from, originally?” China and Vietnam? But I’ve never been to either of those countries. The most traditional Chinese thing we do is letting our passed ancestors eat first before we…

  • Lighter by yung pueblo book cover redesign

    Lighter by yung pueblo book cover redesign

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    For our final project in CCSF Art125A 2D Design with Claire Brees, we redesigned some cover for some other art media. For example, movie posters, album covers, book covers. I chose lighter by yung pueblo. Observations Very silly busy. Too many book quotes in the back. Long quote on cover. Sticker. Then there’s a lot…

  • Design Analysis in Real Life

    Design Analysis in Real Life

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    I picked up “Be a Revolution” by Ijeoma Oluo from SFPL and absolutely hate the cover for so many reasons. First, lets’ talk about the stuff the library put on top of the book . They covered the author’s name with the barcode sticker and like 1/4 of the title with the “Lucky Day” sticker.…

  • 1-point and 2-point perspective
  • line and box perspective
  • Color Design Project

    Color Design Project

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    I started with a black, white, and gray design based around letters. That’s a re-design of a previous project on destructuring text. Based on the black and white design, I just started painting based on colors! 1. complementary with red green, four colors with yellow red blue violet, and neutrals with a redish-brown, mustard-yellow, and…

  • Mix To Match online game to mix primary paints to match a target color

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    As I’m learning color theory, techniques with acrylic, and practicing mixing real paints, I wanted a way to practice mixing neutrals and more complex colors to match what I see. I found this fun little website game! https://mixtomatch.org

  • Value Tenebroso Collage Drawing 4 elements

    Value Tenebroso Collage Drawing 4 elements

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    In today’s episode of “what is mark drawing?”, I’ve been working on drawing a photo collage! It has some wacky movement and flow because I cut out a bunch of black and white photos I took that somewhat related to the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and air. I then overlayed a grid and drew…

  • Techniques for painting with acrylic

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    Acrylic is basically glue and pigment. If it’s left exposed to air, it’ll dry hard. You can peel it off but not off clothes. Store brushes and tools in water. Add retardant to prevent drying. Leave in a pile rather than smeared to prevent drying. Colors like yellow, orange, and yellow-green can be almost transparent.…