Planning Dispersed Camping

I’m taking notes on how to plan dispersed camping. My partner and I will be driving a camper van from San Francisco to Las Vegas along the Eastern Sierras and this is probably our most difficult to plan trip so far. We’ve had a lot of help from people and many recommended looking into dispersed… Continue reading Planning Dispersed Camping

Questions Answered for CA’s EDD Unemployment Insurance Debit Card

I recently filed for unemployment insurance (UI) through the Employment Development Department (EDD) in California because I was laid off. By default, they mail you a debit card and auto-load the benefits to the card to make disbursement faster. Does the EDD Debit Card work with Apple Pay and other Digital Wallets? No. When I… Continue reading Questions Answered for CA’s EDD Unemployment Insurance Debit Card

My Favorite Fish

My partner and I recently bought some fish and had a hard time eating it. We decided to start taking notes on fish breeds so that we don’t make the same mistake twice. I try to keep an open mind “there is no bad fish”, but some fish fit our style of cooking and eating… Continue reading My Favorite Fish

Looking For Gig-mates

I’ve been self-taught in piano and ukulele for several years now and have hit a wall. To overcome this, I started piano lessons with an instructor. Now I want to start playing with other people. I deeply value human connection and I want music to be a conduit for that goal. My First Post I’m… Continue reading Looking For Gig-mates

Searching for an Apartment in SF

It’s really humbling to search for a new place to live. It’s a reflection of your place in life and what you want to achieve. Russian Scam: Awful Kitchen for $4750 At 410 Utah St in Potrero, you get: Hit your head when you wake up for $3100–2345210580?cid=shr%7Capp_ios_rental_phone%7Crent%7Cpdp_share A Dining Nook Staged With… Continue reading Searching for an Apartment in SF

How To Get Past Paywalls

Here’s a list of tricks I use to get past paywalls. Disable JavaScript Works for: Consider using Browser’s Reader Mode The Atlantic Open in Incognito or Private Browsing Works for any of those websites that give you X free articles then asks you to subscribe like Medium. Harper Look Up on Wayback Machine… Continue reading How To Get Past Paywalls