Destructuring Text

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Make a design using text as an element, but not for information.

1 what attracted you to the text you chose to use for this project, and why (what is your inspiration or starting point of the design)? It’s my name: Mark! I just kept playing with those letters, seeing how they could fit together.

2 how did you create visual unity? Limited to only black construction paper and news paper as materials. I used white-space only as an accent. The shapes were all either geometric or curvilinear.

3 how did you create or introduce visual contrast? (not just value contrast). I used various levels of figured ground reversal, aligning various A’s to either by made of newspaper or of black construction paper. The newspaper has a natural orientation for reading and I changed that up between different letter shapes to imply a change in orientation. The top half is almost all curvilinear and the bottom is all geometric but many shapes are in-between.

4 what was the most challenging aspect of this project? It was really hard to be creative with what shapes can form letters. I was very stuck in the traditional letter shapes and had to be inspired by graffiti in my neighborhood to see how I could see letters in a non-traditional way, more as shapes or implied shapes.

5 what do you consider the most successful aspects of your finished design? (please bespecific!) I was extremely happy with the A at the bottom of my work. Specifically, I loved how I overlapped different sheets of newspaper to imply a stroke on the left. I also really liked how the hole in the A is a non-traditional shape and that the white highlight on the right breaks the shape a bit.

The folds in the girls dress of Once Upon a Book by Grace Lin inspired me to cut the newspaper to imply folds and edges.


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