Back to the Roots – Microgreens Review

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Got a few boxes to try out. We got a variety to see how they all compare. They all claim to be ready for harvest after 7 days and just need water. Very true! Super easy!

Day 1 – Mar 1, 2024

Hydrate the soil which is kind of fun.

Then just sprinkle and spread.

Day 2 – Mar 2, 2024

On the second day, I leave it alone… except to take a picture and check how things are going. Most seeds have not sprouted, but the broccoli seems to be doing well. Pretty much everything is still seeds.

Day 3 – Mar 3, 2024

On the third day, I take off the lid and add more water.

Everything has sprouted! Tiny little sprouts, they haven’t really shot out roots yet but they’re there!

Day 4 – Mar 4, 2024

Things are finally standing up!

Day 5 – Mar 5, 2024

No more updates though… we’ve handed them off to the teachers to continue growing and sharing with students. 🙂

Day 6

They clearly lean towards light so I just rotate them a bit. Still only watering about 2-3 tbsp because it’s flooded otherwise.



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