Review of Imitation Codfish Fillet (素香魚排) by Yang Kee Trading (楊記素食) — 4 / 5

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We found “Imitation Codfish Fillet” sold at International Produce Market (formerly Duc Loi) and decided to go for it, not knowing what it is or how to cook it. It’s sold as $15.99 for 180g of protein. It’s pretty heafty, weighing over 2.6 pounds. Basically you’re buying a pretty big fish.

The only reference I could find of it on the internet was a cooking review from Jaane Fong which didn’t mention much other than they pan fried it. Looks good though!

I think this is pretty hard to cook. It comes frozen as one giant piece, but I would probably serve this over 3 or 4 meals. I’m cooking for both me and my partner so I used just under half of it, or 8 out of the 20 pieces. However, to do that, I had to use a butter knife and wedge it between the individual slices of “fillets” to separate what I needed. It’s pretty hard cause it’s hella frozen.

With the remainder, I just froze it in three pieces to make it easier in the future to separate them further for individual frying.

I caramelized some onions, cauliflowers, and bell peppers to accompany it.

Pan fry the fish for ~2 minutes each side on medium-high until golden-ish. It cooks way faster than I expected. I think I could have stopped here and served with a dipping sauce. That’s my recommendation.

Instead, I tossed in the hong shao yu sauce from Woks of Life. The fish soaked up all the sauce! Be warned, it absorbs all sauce so it will become very salty if you’re not careful. If you mess up, add water and make a “soup” instead. I think next time I’d make a soup instead of a braise.

Mix everything together!



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