Figure-Ground Reversal with Black, White, and Gray

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This project continues the figure-ground reversal project, but with a third color. I really struggled with this project, trying to combine organic lines in a three color layering that would evoke figure-ground reversal. I fell back to Claire Brees’ advice to fall back to a grid, and made a grid of black, white and gray.

I found it easier to force figure-ground reversal by drawing large areas of my canvas in the different colors as the ground, then painting the other colors on top as the figure.

After playing around a lot, I started noticing some areas would align really well, creating implicit lines that I could bring into intentionality.

I also noticed drawing on the iPad with a fat finger and a large pen size lead to very organic lines and curves. While they were all still in a grid, they were wavy, or rounded on the ends, or pointy with a little bit of slop. I decided to embrace this sloppiness and cut my construction paper layers to match the digital style.

If you look at the different corners, I think you can see the maps of Donkey Kong laying around 🙂



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